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SMB TechFest is partnering with ProTier Peer Groups to bring you the best Peer Group experience. ProTier Peer Groups provides partners with accelerated business growth. You will join an elite group of partners that share common goals to collaborate together, ignite their business, help & encourage each other, and share with you how to better prosper.

ProTier groups meet in-person in convenient local geographies. This minimizes your travel, expenses and time away from the office. You will discuss pertinent business and technology topics that have great impact to your business. You will set goals, learn from expert speakers, and from each other. In between meetings, the group continues to engage to mentor each other. Our portal is a rich environment and provides collaboration, shares documents, best practices, procedures and much more.

Are you ready to join our Dream Teams? And consider that not all peer groups are the same. They are actually very different. That’s why some people choose to join ProTier while they may belong to a different peer group. Reach out to us to learn what makes our peer groups one of the best.

ProTier Peer Groups - reserve your seat for greater success

ProTier Peer Groups

Meet a few ProTier members as they share their experience.

Tom Andrulis

Tom Andrulis, President
Intelligent Technical Solutions
Las Vegas, NV

“A peer group allows me to take advantage of the knowledge and experiences of others. The topics and insight shared may have taken me a lot longer to figure out myself. Being transparent with my businesses progress and numbers to a board of peer advisors creates a level of accountability that I just don’t have on my own. The group gives me a team of colleagues for peer assessment, first-hand advice and shared experiences. Staying accountable for my business on every level gives me the initiative to grow personally and as an organization. Being a part of multiple groups just amplifies the experience of joining a peer group.”
John Gilham

John Gilham, President
Agile IT
San Diego, CA

“ProTier helps our business with insights, industry best practices, and benchmarking with other trusted partners. With our ProTier peer group, we’ve been able to grow our business with less risk, more predictability, and a lot less personal anxiety. In the fast paced of IT transformation today, we depend on ProTier peer group to gain valuable market insights on how to be proactive and competitive in the marketplace.”

And our ServiceOps groups provide focused resources and ongoing team engagement.

ProTier Peer Groups

We also have Sales groups that provide your sales professionals a thriving environment to advance their offerings, discuss prospects, compare techniques, and more.

ProTier Peer Groups

ProTier is half the investment of Vistage or about an hour labor per week. It delivers higher value as it is tailored for MSP Solution Providers. Accelerate your business now and make a difference.

Contact us today at 949 625-0430 or even better, submit the form below to request a brief chat on benefits and opportunities.

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